Product Information


The name says well, The magic combs are amazing and extraordinary?

 They offer many hairstyle possibilities for short, midium or long hair, thin or thick hair.

 It is ideal for perfecting your chignon (bun) and very easy to use.


Magic combs consist of several distinct elements 

The "magic" formula is simple: this accessory is made up of 2 combs linked together by intertwined elastics

decorated with pearls.


 The composition of the magic combs makes it possible to consider the use of many different materials.

Resin, wood or metal are used to make the beads that decorate the elastics.


The choice of colors and shapes is also very varied. Appreciate by women and girls who particularly like to

wear beautiful accessories in their hair. Your daughter will probably borrow it and will be as lovely as a

princess out of a fairy tale.


Practical, efficient and functional, it will take place in your hairstyle in a twist.

 Magic combs create stylish hairstyles quickly.

 Your hair will be well maintained, although tight, will not damage them.


Whether it's on a daily basis or more exceptionally for an evening, a sport you will be delighted to realize

your new hairstyle in the blink of an eye.


They are easy to use and offer you the possibility to easily diversify your hairstyles whatever the nature of

your hair.

It allows a multitude of hairstyle for all the moments of the life, no more need of appointment with the



How to do it ?

 The two combs slip and hide simultaneously under the hair.

The elastics and their decorations of wooden pearls, flowers or other ornaments are highlighted covering

your bun.

Even the most rebellious hair is firmly maintained. Your hairstyle will even withstand harsh conditions and

gusts of wind in the car on the head rest install comfortably on your chaise lounge during your tanning!


 Absolutely magical!


Do you have any doubts about the installation?


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